CAL 8000 is a complete cell analysis line, consisting of a BC-6800Plus automated haematology analyser, an SC-120 automated smear and stain analyser and an MC80 automated cell morphology analyser linked together with a sample transport system and controlled by common management software.

The whole system is operated via a touch screen, the software has reflex, retest and rerun test modes. At the same time it displays the status of each instrument, the transport line and monitors the status of all reagents.

Configuration: 1 BC-6800Plus analyser + 1 Slide Maker&Stainer SC-120 + 1 MC80 cell morphology analyser + transport line

Load capacity: 30 stacks of 10 samples + 180 slides + 60 smears

Manufacturer: Mindray Categories: Sistem modular de hematologie