Ceveron c100

Ceveron c100

The Ceveron C100 is a fully automated coagulation device that can be used for routine, research and new generation diagnostics. It is a fast, small and easy to use fully automatic analyser with a long working autonomy.

Features of the device: 

Accuracy, flexibility high reliability.

Almost unlimited to the type of applicable parameters

Real-time monitoring of the stages of calibration curve construction

Test menu:

Coagulation tests: PT, aPTT, Fibrinogen, Thrombin time, Clotting factors, Lupus tests, FVIII Inhibitor, Protein C, Protein S, APCR

Chromogenic tests: FVIII:C, C1-Inhibitor, Protein C, Antithrombin, Plasminogen, Antiplasmin, anti-Xa, UFV, LMWH, Orgaran, Arixtra, Rivaroxaban, Apixaban

Turbidimetric tests: D-Dimer, vWF

Fluorogenic test for thrombin generation (optional)

Manufacturer: Technoclone Herstellung von Diagnostika und Arzneimitteln GmbH, Austria Categories: Coagulare