Mindray  CL-1200

Mindray CL-1200

The Mindray CL-1200i is a robust and easy-to-use immunology analyzer with a throughput of up to 180 tests per hour. Although compact in size, it has 25 reagent positions and 60 sample positions, all of which can be loaded continuously, even while testing. Integrating reliable CLIA technology with the latest electrical solutions and enhanced software, the CL-1200i ensures easy operation and reliable results faster than ever before.

Manufacturer: Mindray – China Categories: Imunologie

The CL-1200i is one of the fastest benchtop immunology analysers and is dedicated to laboratories with a medium volume of immunology analysis. The system uses established chemiluminescence technology, enhanced with Mindray's patented technologies, and ensures consistently high performance. The test panel includes tumour markers, thyroid markers, cardiac markers, fertility, metabolism, anaemia, diabetes, allergy, emergencies, infectious diseases and is constantly expanding. The analyser is extremely easy to use thanks to the intuitive software, easy access to the touch screen monitor and the reagent, cuvette and sample area. The innovative design allows easy identification of all parts of the analyser, making handling and maintenance a breeze.

- High load capacity
- Continuous sample loading
- Reagent carousel with constant refrigeration
- Touch-screen monitor with movable arm for easy operation
- Vortex mixing of reagent solutions, eliminating the risk of contamination
- Intelligent liquid level detection, clot detection, vertical and horizontal collision protection
- Liquid reagents, ready to use
- Disposable plastic cups